Saturday, May 7, 2022

25 y/o man Blushing and face sweating stopped with Micro ETS, he never would have taken antidepressants if he knew about Micro ETS improving his blushing.

25 y/o man's life changed after Micro ETS.
"My anxiety has reduced substantially. If I had discovered this years ago I would have never taken antidepressants. Currently I'm withdrawing from them and feel great. Hyperhidrosis truly was the source of my anxiety and depression."

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

17 y/o woman: "Having the surgery has definitely eased my social anxiety.”

17 y/o woman had wet hands impairing so much of her life, then she had Micro ETS.
> Her life changed after Micro ETS: "I feel very blessed. I can now hold hands with someone and shake hands without any apprehension. My papers are no longer damp at school. Having the surgery has definitely eased my social anxiety."
Cs after surgery in the middle of summer: "Armpits and back but mild"

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

"I'm Comfortable in My Own Skin Now"

28 y/o woman from Dallas, Texas shares this One Year after Micro ETS:

I'm very satisfied after Micro ETS.
No compensatory sweating.

Life changed: "Very good im so comfortable in my own skin now, i can shake hands and hold someone hand i love it thank you so much"